Refund Policy - JustAPI

Refund Policy

1. If service not provided within timing mentions in email, Payment will be refund on your Account,which contract specifically with the issuer (Justapi is the issuer in this case) to accept the payment instrument. These instruments do not permit cash withdrawal or redemption by the customer.
2. Customer is liable to get partial or full refund of the amount with in 15 days after purchasing the services, only if he is not happy with company services.
3. Amount will be fully refunded, if company will sale those services and not be able to provide those services in commited period of time.
4. The amount will not be refunded, if customer have purchased the services and already passed the 15 days refund policy and now don't want those services.
5. All communication done on email or in written about refund will considered as final.
note:- customer is accepting terms & condition and refund policy while registering with us.

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